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We are an indie game studio that develops games that carry striking traits of Brazilian culture in their narratives, music and characters.

The 3 Goals of FOGO

- Delight our players with remarkable characters and universes.

- Develop games with fun and inclusive mechanics for different types of players.

- Represent our culture and our people in our games.


Ghetto Zombies

Logo Ghetto Zombies
Ghetto Zombies is a pixel art shooter where you must defend the ghetto in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies. As one of the heroes from the "Ghetto Zombies Squad", you must build new and crazy guns, paint the city walls with colorful graffitis and slay the zombies with no mercy!
The game's pixel art is inspired by the Brazilian favelas, especially the ones from São Paulo as the game aims to represent people, architecture and culture from the Brazilian ghetto

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